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  • Fix a leaking tap


  • House cleaning 2-bed apartment


  • Pickup and deliver a couch


  • Mow the lawn



Supertasker: Your Tasks, Our Talent

Whether you're looking to simplify your daily routine or tackle something extraordinary, Supertasker is your gateway to getting it done.

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Connect with local experts to fix and maintain your home. Quality services, on demand.

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  • Meena Rai₹2000 - (Tutoring)
  • Ajit Singh₹1500 - (Electrical Repair)
  • Sunita Gupta₹5000 - (Interior Design)

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  • Rajesh KumarPlumbing RepairEstimated 1 day
  • Sneha PatilWebsite DevelopmentEstimated 5 days
  • Anil SharmaCar CleaningEstimated 0.5 days

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Confirm completion of the task and release payment to the Tasker.

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Need assistance with furniture assembly, TV mounting, home repairs, or moving? Connect with trusted Taskers on Supertasker for all your task needs.

  • Trusted Taskers

    Trusted Taskers

    Have peace of mind with verified professionals. Our Taskers undergo thorough checks to ensure your task is in safe hands.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Transparent Pricing

    Know what you'll pay upfront. Get clear, competitive quotes from Taskers, so you can choose the best match for your budget and task.

  • Easy and Quick

    Easy and Quick

    Post your task in minutes. Describe what you need, set a time, and receive offers from experienced Taskers ready to jump in.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    Flexible Scheduling

    Get it done at your convenience. Choose the time that works for you, and a Tasker will be there to help.

  • Secure Payment

    Secure Payment

    Pay safely through the app. Release payment only when the task is completed to your satisfaction.

  • Support and Assistance

    Support and Assistance

    Count on us at every step. Our customer support is here to help you with any questions or assistance you may need throughout the process.

iOS and Android apps launch in June 2024.

Supertasker: Making Daily Tasks Easy!

Thousands of services to make your daily life easier.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is Supertasker?

      Supertasker connects India's professionals with skilled Taskers for on-demand help, allowing you to earn on your schedule and impact your community. Join us in reshaping work, one task at a time.

    • What type of tasks are available?

      Supertasker brings you a world of tasks from car washing to web designing, all across India. Whether it’s in-person or remote, you’ll always know when to get it done. Join in and make everyday tasks simple and swift!

    • How do I get paid?

      Begin your task with peace of mind, as your payment is secure with Supertasker Pay. Once you complete the task and ask for your payment, the client is notified to release the funds, which are then safely transferred to your bank account. Note that Supertasker takes a small fee from the payment for service costs, ensuring the platform's smooth operation and your continued earnings.

    • Can I get alerts or notifications for tasks?

      Absolutely! Activate task notifications in your account preferences, and we'll keep you informed whenever new tasks that align with your interests are posted.

    • Where is Supertasker based?

      Supertasker is proudly based in India, crafted with care by a dedicated local team!

    • Is there any age limit to use Supertasker?

      In India, you must be at least 18 years old to use Supertasker, as this is the legal age for entering into contracts. Make sure you meet this age requirement to sign up and start accepting tasks.

    • How did you get this on the App Store?

      We’re in a hush-hush alpha phase right now, but stay tuned for our exciting public launch in June 2024!

    • How do I get assigned to a task?

      To get assigned to a task on Supertasker, first create your profile and browse the available tasks. When you find one you're interested in, submit your offer with a proposal outlining why you're the best fit for the job. If the task poster finds your offer appealing, they'll assign the task to you. Make sure your profile stands out with your skills and any relevant experience to increase your chances of getting assigned.

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